1. 10th SAFRA Photographer of the Year contest with ‘A Day in Orchard Central’: 2rd position

2. Republic Polytechnic Photo Contest “How Trash Affects Biodiversity” : 1st position

3. NAC- ExxonMobil “Concert in the park” Photo Competition (Open Category) : 3rd Position

4. Clubsnap – Joe McNally Lighting Competition 2010 (Open Category) : 2rd position

5. AsiaOne Christmas Photo Contest 2009 : 2rd Position

6. YHS Yeo Singapore sport photo competition 2009 : Merit

7. “Clean & Green Singapore: You and Me” Photo Competition (Open Category) : Consolation

8. Finding North West Competition (Open Category) : Top 3 position

9. Water Through My Lens Photo Competition (Open Category) : 2rd position

10.Capitaland Building People Photography Exhibition 2010 – Ion Art Gallery

11.Photo Shortlisted for use at Singapore Day 2011 in Shanghai

12. Marina Bay SINGAPORE Countdown 2010/11 Photo Competition

13. Cats Of The World Photo Exhibition (2-30 June 2011 @ The Arts House)

14. Fall / Winter 2011 Preview of Calvin Klein Watches & Jewelry

15. The big shot 2011 shortlisted photos

16. Shortlisted photos for Photographic Society of Singapore “Calling all talented photographers” contest 2011

17. Photo in Today Newspaper (24/9/11) featuring Poly Forum 2011 dialogue session

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